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What is Leapcell

⚡️ Leapcell is a leading hosted platform for Database and Applications, offering a generous free tier and a user-friendly experience.

💅 Leapcell is an open platform, encouraging the mutual use and collaboration of database and services through feedback to enhance the quality of Database and Applications.

🧐 The inspiration for Leapcell comes from how the current internet operates. If you're familiar with web development, you'll find Leapcell to be quite familiar 😜

Why Leapcell

  • ✨ Fully managed: Leapcell provides high availability without any operational burdens, allowing users to focus more on the quality of their Database or Applications.

  • ❤️ Open Community: Leapcell is an open platform, fostering collaboration and feedback to elevate the quality of Database and Applications.

  • 🎯 Cost Efficient: All services on the platform are serverless and cloud-native, meaning they are fully managed and provided on-demand. They scale efficiently from 0 to a thousand in less than ten seconds.

  • 🚀 High Performance:

    • Rapid Service: Leapcell services have cold start times within 100ms and non-cold start times within 10ms.

    • Quick CRUD Operations: Leapcell Table returns data within 30ms.

  • 🔥 Easy to use:

    • Spreadsheet Table: Leapcell provides a user interface similar to a spreadsheet for better database management and analysis.

    • Well Observed: Leapcell offers a user interface similar to Heroku, providing logs, metrics, and observability tools for optimizing service quality.

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You can use Leapcell to

  • Blog: Deploy your blog, manage data like an Excel sheet with Leapcell.
  • E-Commerce: Deploy your e-commerce website, with full-text indexing for easy product searches.
  • Chat Bot: Deploy your Discord/Slack/Telegram bots.
  • Portfolio: Deploy your personal portfolio.
  • SaaS: Deploy your SaaS software.
  • Web3: Deploy your Web3 pages.
  • AI: Deploy simple tasks like PDF merging or complex services like image recognition and OCR.
  • Analytics: Leapcell provides complete BI capabilities for on-the-fly data analysis, gaining unique insights, and supporting your analytics.

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Key Concept

Project (Repository): A project signifies a project, where it hosts your tables, app (docker images and configurations), and other metadata.

Table: or as we refer to it - Database, is an all-in-oneOLTP DB + OLAP DB + Search Engine Database with a Spreadsheet-like Web Admin for data management and analysis. It also offers a low-latency API and supports Python and Javascript clients. Sometimes it can be used as a Content Management System

Application: A Serverless cloud service compiling and packaging code into Docker images for deployment. It auto-scales from 0 on trigger, supporting Http and Cronjob triggers.

Leapcell Stack


"App" can refer to various types of websites such as blogs, e-commerce platforms, portfolio pages, chatbots, forums, etc.

Leapcell Stack Overview:

  • Leapcell Database: Functioning as the CMS, it features a high-performance database, search engine, BI system, and a spreadsheet-like UI for efficient data management and analysis. It is accessible to various departments, including developers, project managers, marketing, operations, and data scientists.

  • Leapcell Application: Offering deployment and hosting services for apps, it streamlines DevOps tasks, enabling you to focus on your app development. Triggered by events like HTTP requests and cron jobs, it can seamlessly autoscale from 0 to 1000 in less than 10 seconds.

Compared to Jamstack, our preference lies in utilizing a database for dynamic content management and release, minimizing the reliance on frequent Git deployments. To achieve dynamic data management and release, databases such as AWS RDS, Planetscale, or Neon are typically employed. However, this approach often excludes the participation of other team members (PM/Marketing team/Operation team/Data Scientist) in content release and data management. They often rely on the development of an internally redesigned management platform (Admin Platform). This might be one reason why we've seen the proliferation of various Low Code platforms.

Leapcell ingeniously addresses this challenge through a sophisticated stack, promoting enhanced collaboration within the team. This approach allows projects to swiftly cater to user needs rather than dedicating time to developing various tools. Leapcell Table is a high-performance database with an interface similar to Airtable, integrating built-in BI systems and search engines for convenient use by various team members. Leapcell Application is an efficient platform for code deployment and service hosting, triggered by events and capable of handling extremely high QPS without the need for scaling up.

Comparison with Jamstack and CMS

Content ReleaseAdd Records through an Spreadsheet-like UIGitIn the CMS UI
Data ManagementManage Data using an Spreadsheet-like UIGitIn the CMS UI
CustomizationCodeCodeTemplates, Plugins(Less customization ability)
Participating UsersProject Managers, Marketing, Operations, Data Scientists, DevelopersDevelopersProject Managers, Marketing, Operations, Data Scientists, Developers
Search EngineBuilt-in Search EngineNoThird-party Search Engine Plugin
Data AnalysisBuilt-in BI SystemNoThird-party BI System
Share DataYesNoNo
Good for CDN deliveryNoYesNo

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We are in Beta

We are currently in the beta version and welcome your ideas and feedback.

Feel free to communicate with us through the following channels.

Alternatively, you can contact us directly using the Contact Us