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Fair Use

We expect every user to follow the Fair Use policy when using Leapcell. We reserve the right to stop providing services or reclaim resources without notice when the use is deemed unfair.


  • Blogging, e-commerce, marketing
  • APIs + Backends
  • Cron Jobs / Scheduled Jobs
  • ML Model Serving
  • Tool API Serve
  • Chatbot
  • Callback for Webhook
  • More fair and legal business scenarios...

Not Allowed

  • Proxy/VPN
  • Mirrors/Userbots
  • Torrent Aggregators
  • Crypto Miners
  • Hosting/Distribution of DMCA protected content
  • Music Bots
  • VNCs/Virtual desktops
  • Multi-accounting
  • Sending Spam
  • Anything Illegal
  • Other uses that violate the laws or invade privacy...

We won't hesitate to shut down any illegal activity on the platform. If you wouldn't run it on your machine, don't run it on ours. If we determine you're using multiple accounts to get around the free limit, we reserve the right to terminate service.